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We listened to customer feedback and market requirement. Welcome to Vanilla Mail the most friendly white label email marketing Platform.

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Everyday, Corporate Or Custom

Vanilla Mail has a customized approach to suit your business, whether you’re an independent business or manage a franchise group with multiple locations and want to scale your marketing.

Every Day

Designed for independent business or organisations to grow and connect with your audience, considered the most user friendly campaign builder. Our everyday model provides unique tools and functionally to WOW your audience.

Audience Drag and Drop

Uploading and manage your audience is the foundation of the deliverability of your campaigns, use our QR code to continually grow your audience.

Campaign Builder

Sticky header and footer creates consistency, Drag and Drop feature helps you speed up the build process, preview and test sending before dispatching.


User friendly, YouTube integration, Video Mail, E commerce Integration, Social media buttons to improve your reach just to name a few.


Design for Multiple locations allowing head office to provide content. Allows a head of marketing to create and share templates across your user network in seconds, create and share assets to your users account library that they can pick from.

Vanilla Mail Corporate can be integrated within your own corporate platform, allows your clients to connect and sync their current customer base to the audience list within Vanilla Mail.

Admin Dashboard

View and access your users account, receive consolidated users analytics to guide you to improving your templates.

Fuel for thought

The ability for head of marketing to design and share templates and assets to your locations account. Users select these assets from their libraries.

User Flexibility

When the user selects form the library the have the ability to add their local content, edit or remove content.


Looking to customize your email platform, choose form our Custom modules and ask us to develop customization for you. We are here to help you grow your business.

Vanilla Mail Custom can be integrated within your own corporate platform. allows your customers to connect and sync their current customer base to the audience list within Vanilla Mail.

Sponsor/Supplier marketing accounts

Upload assets, create templates, upload posters and share directly with your users. In return receive analytics of which users sent, pushed or viewed their asset content library.

Admin Template scheduling

Ability for admin to schedule templates on behalf of your users, mobile app is required for this module.

Social Media scheduling

Having the ability for admin to schedule social assets on behalf of your users, mobile app is required for this module, consolidated analytical data post the campaign post.

User Mobile app

Allows you to notify your clients of new assets, send campaigns and social feeds automatically. The mobile application is designed to streamline your entire marketing process, sends and posts.

Sponsor/Supplier mobile app

Contains all assets, templates, analytical data and a list of your users. Perfect for company sales team that live on the road, staying connected.

Universal Cast Screen Signage

In store digital display re enforces your message, from you platform you will be able to cast native content created in your playlists to a location or multiple locations.

All-in-one platform

Consider Vanilla Mail as your platform a B2B2C end to end marketing solution, whether I'm an Independent business, a franchise with 100s of stores or a franchise with store locations and suppliers. Vanilla Mail makes marketing easy under your Own Brand, IP and Domain

Every Day

Independent business

Designed and created for easy use, for a business that does not have the marketing personal nor resource to be spending time on marketing.

Turn Key Operation

Sign Up, add your audience, create a header and footer and add to your profile and your ready to create and send your first campaign.


Head Office with Multiple Locations or Users

Designed and created for admin to provide email templates, assets to their locations. Receive consolidated analytics within the admin dashboard.

Turn Key Operation

Your user or location logs in and can see all assets and templates you have shared to their account, allowing them to edit, add or just send to their respective audiences.


Head Office with Multiple Locations and Suppliers

Designed and created for to add suppliers or sponsors to your corporate model, allowing your Suppliers to provide content and receive analytical data from your users sending their campaigns, All campaigns can be edited by the user.

Turn Key Operation

Now 3 parties can provide and end to end operation referred to as B2B2C, Admin receive consolidated usage analytics, suppliers receive their campaign analytics and users receive their respective date from their sends.

After years of searching and multiple “nearly solutions” we connected with the guys at Vanilla Mail who have created a custom corporate model. Now our suppliers content flows with ease through to our clients audiences and the engagement reporting it returns is industry leading. With one platform each of our three key stakeholders get exactly what they need in a slick and efficient package.

Lee Owens
Operations Manager, GolfHub

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